Feb 26, 2004

Because "cuddling in the afterglow" is such a turn-on.

Feminism has finally conquered the last frontier: porn. Thanks to innovators like these ladies, women will now be able to enjoy porn that is "'female empowered' adult entertainment-- the kind with plots, foreplay and cuddling in the afterglow, the kind that is mindful of women's tastes and suggests new possibilities for women's pleasure."

Personally, I'd fast-forward through those parts. Well, maybe I'd watch a bit of the foreplay. But not much. It's not that I don't approve of or enjoy plots, foreplay, or cuddling, I just don't find watching such things particularly exciting. That's a difference that Ms. Head and Ms. Ross don't seem to understand: porn is not real. What we want to watch for quick stimulation is often not what we want to happen in real life. I may watch some lurid bodice-ripper quite happily, but anyone who tries to get near my bodice is losing a finger-- I like my clothes intact, thank you. In real life, I may want an hour of foreplay (want, not necessarily get), but I would likely be bored watching the same thing in a porno.

But maybe that's just me.

Maybe watching porn with plots, foreplay, and cuddling turns on other women.

But maybe not.

Maybe many women feel the need for "female empowered" porn not because it's arousing but because it's acceptable. It validates the desire to watch porn and removes the stigma of pornography as degradation. As Ms. Head herself said, "It's all about empowering and educating women . . ." Hey, if I want education, I'll turn on the History Channel. Porn is, or should be, about eroticism and excitement for both sexes. I don't want Lifetime Porn for Women. I don't want to watch sensitive men have gentle sex and cuddle tenderly with their empowered girlfriends.

Of course, there is a helluva lot about porn that could stand to be changed. My personal suggestion is to find new actors-- give me a woman without balloons in her chest and a guy who actually takes off his socks.