Mar 19, 2004

Amazon Idiots

I am aware that there are many idiots in the world, but why must they all post reviews on Amazon? It's not so much that I mind the stupidity, but that I detest the summarizing. If I am contemplating buying a book or dvd, I might want to read your opinion of it. I might want to know a bit about the subject matter. What I do not want is a usually inane, often incorrect summary of the plot. But some people find the need to post virtual book reports like the sixth review on this page. Honestly, Amazon should impose a word limit. It has become imperative. If we can't silence all the backward-ass fucks in the world, we can at least abbreviate their rants.

Okay, so maybe it's not entirely ethical/legal/desirable to completely silence all the fucks in the world, regardless of how ass-backward they may be. But I stand by the abbreviation comment.

Note: Isn't it great that both ass-backward and backward-ass are acceptable terms? Yeah reversibility.

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