Mar 12, 2004

Bloggity blog blog.

Hmm . . . This article is interesting, but I largely find myself disagreeing with it. Sure, Gawker and Wonkette may not be the most thoughtful, lasting, or considerate blogs, but they're witty and usually on target. While the sniping and bitchiness can be overmuch sometimes, it's often not without affection. And, unlike Jack Shafer, I do not regret that the brevity of the Wonkette and Gawker entries; if they were thousands of words long, it would be overkill, no longer funny, simply vicious. I think that a healthy way to think of these sites is as entertaining conduits to information. Read nasty little comments, then click on the links to objective (or usually less biased, at least) reports. Fun, brief, informational, crankily endearing.

Note that I managed to write this entire entry without once using the word snarky. It's more overused than even schadenfreude.