May 7, 2004

The FDA: Government Bitch

This makes me so angry. Evidently, women can't read labels on hypothetical morning-after pill packages. Maybe we should take cough syrup and antihistamines off the shelves, too.

How frustrating. Making the morning-after pill available over the counter is such a good idea. I suppose it's likely that some people will abuse it (inasmuch as any method of birth control can be abused), but I don't see it as a license for rampant promiscuity. Certainly no more than condoms are, since the pill doesn't prevent the tranmission of diseases. No, I think this is a great idea for those oh-crap-the-condom-broke situations that are bound to occur. With the current hassle of having to go through a doctor to get a prescription for the morning-after pill, too many women wait it out until their next periods, hoping that they won't be pregnant. The anxiety isn't worth it, especially when having a readily available over the counter morning-after pill would could so easily alleviate such fears.