May 11, 2004

You're Already Guilty, So Go Ahead and Cocksmack Her

In the May issue of Jane magazine the monthly Web Rant asks, "Should women be jailed or just fined for falsely accusing men of rape?" Okay, interesting question. Of the respondents, 73% said jailed, 16% said fined, and 11% weren't sure. That's not my problem. My problem is with one of the excerpted responses. One Katie Castellana replied:

Definitely just have a fine. Keep in mind that no man is ever innocent. Think of what that scumbag must have done to deserve being accused of rape.

Jesus! No man is ever innocent? And, the last time I checked, sometimes people do get unfairly accused. Sometimes people have done nothing to deserve being accused. Sometimes accusers are crazy or disturbed-- like this woman seems to be.

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