Jun 10, 2004

Pigeons: The Scourge of New York

So a bunch of us were playing Taboo last Saturday. Someone gave the clues flying and dirty and I immediately said pigeons, which, of course, was the right answer. I detest pigeons. I'm not an active pigeon-hater; I don't try to kick them or contemplate shooting them with a BB gun. I just wish that they would suddenly disappear from New York. So, even though I generally think of myself as being quite compassionate toward animals, I can't help but not care that some people are illegally netting pigeons and selling them for hunting purposes. The Times is bang-on with its headline: Who's Kidnapping the Pigeons, and Who Cares?

As one woman so eloquently commented about a massive flock of pigeons, "Them shits is nasty."

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