Jul 1, 2004

Russia Is a Sham

Suppose that you are in St. Petersburg and you'd like to visit the Catherine Palace in Pushkin. You pay to take a taxi to the train station, where you get on a train to Pushkin, which the guidebook says is the first stop (about 25 minutes), but is actually the eighth stop (about 45 minutes). As the buses from the station to the palace are too full, you take another taxi. You pay to enter the grounds, only to find out that you cannot enter the palace (for which you must buy another ticket) until 4 PM. It is then 1 PM. You contemplate strolling the gardens for three freaking hours, and decide that it's not worth the bother. You opt for cutting your losses and take another taxi, this time back to the train station. Fortunately, you should be able to catch a train in another ten minutes. It doesn't arrive for an hour and five minutes.

You suddenly understand why Russians drink.

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