Jul 30, 2004


This is a travesty. The Powerpuff Girls are not supposed to dream about "growing up into cool, confident teenagers with a powerful style all their own!" No. And what is this crap about a PPG model search for girls between the ages of six and 18? Did nobody listen to Craig McCracken when he said, "People have asked if we’re ever going to do a live-action Powerpuff, but I wouldn’t want to, because then you’re defining them — they’ll have fingers and they’ll have noses and they’ll be real little girls and it just won’t be the same. But as cartoons they’re kind of this symbolic catchall." Obviously not. Isn't part of the joy of having animated characters rather than real characters the fact that they can stay the same age forever? The Powerpuff Girls are cute, they're little, they kick ass. I don't want to see big-headed, bug-eyed teenage Powerpuff Grrls. Changes the whole dynamic. Why does no one consult me about these decisions?

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