Sep 24, 2004

Sweet Dreams Are Not Made of This

I know there's nothing more boring than listening to someone prattle about her dreams . . . but I'm going to do just that. Seriously, though, this one's funny. And I'm only posting the highlights.

This weirdo clown-like man was holding me hostage in a basement with a bunch of other people, including one of the actors on the show Quintuplets. These rednecks who lived in an ice cream truck started piping some sort of gas fumes into the basement (we knew it was them because we could hear the ice cream truck music coming through the pipe), so I knew I needed to escape. That entailed breaking several windows, although I think I probably broke more than necessary just for the hell of it. So I managed to escape, but then I needed to blend in with the people in the nearest town. Only one problem there-- the town was populated entirely by multiple Ronald McDonalds. Very freaky.

I'm scared to know what this indicates about the state of my psyche, other than I have a healthy fear of clowns. But don't we all?

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