Oct 29, 2004

Nintendo and the Suicide Girls Kiss and Make Up

It seemed both pretty amusing and astonishingly stupid that Nintendo would send Suicide Girls a letter complaining that the site was infringing on its intellectual property because one of the members had listed some Nintendo games as favorites in his profile. Evidently there had been some confusion. But it's all straightened out-- Nintendo, behaving quite like the gentleman, apologized. And offered Suicide Girls some free games. Now that's truly gentlemanlike.

"Aren't there any terrorists out there?"

Evidently the Department of Homeland Security has some free time on its hands. Officers recently paid a little visit to a toy shop owner, asking that she stop carrying Magic Cubes, as they were a illegal copies of Rubik's Cubes. Turns out that the patent had already expired. This seems wrong (not to mention a waste) on so many levels . . . (Thanks, Boing Boing.)

Oct 28, 2004

As If You Needed Another Reason

According to Seth MacFarlane (who, if you read my blog at all, you should know is the creator of Family Guy), "It's imperative that [Bush] be voted out of office-- for the sake of comedy." Seth MacFarlane says to vote for Kerry; what more motivation do you need? Listen to the interview about Family Guy, American Dad, and politics here.

Cross-Dressing Jews! Oh Yeah. And Murder.

You have to love the deck of this Daily New article. I have no real quibble with the headline, "Cross-dressed to kill," but the deck, "Cops say Rabbi's roomie was in beard & eye shadow" is somewhat problematic. Call me crazy, but isn't the fact that, well, someone's dead more important than what his alleged killer was wearing?


This is clearly an incomplete listing (it's missing Saving Ryan's Privates, for instance), but it's a good point of entry (hah!) into the wonderful world of knockoff porn titles. Gotta love such classics as The Poonies, Tits a Wonderful Life, and Throbbin Hood. (Thanks, NewYorkish.)

Oh Happy Day!

The Sox won the World Series. Really. Not in Bizarro World, right here in this one. It's unfreakingbelievable. And awesome.

Oct 27, 2004


Every website, blog, and newspaper out there seems to be endorsing a candidate. So I might as well come out with it and tell you to vote for Kerry. I know that was a shocker, but try not to get your knickers in a twist. Just go vote.

Musings From James Bond

While reading For Your Eyes Only last night, I came across the most random, un-Bond-like passage. I suppose Fleming decided that his short stories were the right outlet to express his more creative urges. So, without further ado, I give you the meditations of James Bond:

Was this a hill or a mountain? At what height does a hill become a mountain? Why don't they manufacture something out of the silver bark of birch trees? It looks so useful and valuable. The best things in America are chipmunks, and oyster stew. In the evening darkness doesn't really fall, it rises. When you sit on top of a mountain and watch the sun go down behind the mountain opposite, the darkness rises up to you out of the valley. Will the birds one day lose their fear of man? It must be centuries since man has killed a small bird for food in these woods, yet they are still afraid. Who was this Ethan Allen who commanded the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont? Now, in American motels, they advertise Ethan Allen furniture as an attraction. Why? Did he make furniture? Army boots should have rubber soles like these.

Oct 26, 2004

Something Serious

This is worth considering, particularly the vote pairing part. I'm contemplating it, although it does make me a bit nervous. Will have to give it some thought, but pretty quickly.

Something Frivolous

Oh dear. Way to not complete the sentence. Those wacky Brits.

Oct 25, 2004

Announcing Chris "Christmas" Rodriguez!

Do I understand the content of the page? No. Do I understand the point of these clips? No. Do I find them funny? Oh yes. (Thanks, Screenhead.)

Of Course Chocolate Lollipops Are Best

Yeah, this is deeply silly but kinda cute: Homestar vs. Little Girl.

Oct 22, 2004

So Many TV Commitments, So Little Time

I may have to watch this, even though I've never watched Degrassi before. I half wish they really would make a movie called Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh?. Okay, I more than half wish. (Thanks, Boing Boing.)

Oct 21, 2004


Yeah, I know that talking about Lindsay Lohan's fake tits is so passé, but singing about them? That's another story. (Thanks, Screenhead.)

Anti-Remake Tirade

Am really pissed off. They're remaking the 1939 classic, The Women. They're stuffing it full of random actresses like Sandra Bullock, Annette Bening, Uma Thurman, Meg Ryan, and Ashley Judd and are undoubtedly pc-ifying it. Goddamn them! Damn them all to hell! I love that movie and they're going to take it and fuck it up. Sure, it was rather misogynistic to begin with, but it was a product of its time. It's still damn funny, full of great dialogue and fantastic performances. And how do you ever replace Rosalind Russell? You don't.

Now I feel somewhere between cranky and furious. And the day had started out so well (see the Red Sox post). Thanks, Defamer, for ruining my day. Bah.

The Blind Fighting the Blind

Yesterday, as I was boarding the F train at West 4th, the doors opened on a sight so absurd I am forced to share it with you. There was a blind man singing for change, which is not unusual. He was trying to walk up the train lengthwise, poking his cane out in front of him. The problem arose when a blind woman wanted to get off at the West 4th stop and tried to cross to the door. Their paths intersected perpendicularly and their canes got tangled. They had a bit of a low-level sword fight. The whole car watched in a state of stupefaction, unsure whether to laugh, help, or just stare like big-mouthed bass. It was rather a South Park moment, where you knew you shouldn't find it funny, but it just was.

I Am an Unpopular Person in New York Today

It is indeed a happy day. The Red Sox won, thereby effectively curtailing the sale of those obnoxious "Who's your daddy?" t-shirts.

For anyone who is surprised that I'm posting about anything sports-related, I should explain that I was born just outside of Boston. It's in the blood, man.

Update: Stumbled across this wonderful conversation and wanted to share it with the world. Or with the two of you who read my blog at least.

Oct 20, 2004

The Good, the Awful, and the Ugly

As long as I'm in superficial mode today, I might as well point out these two sites, both of which provide great amusement if you have a taste for epicaricacy. (Or schadenfreude if you prefer.)


Dear Santa . . .

In case anyone wants to know, this is what I want for Christmas. Not the choker, the bra. Sounds like I need to dig up a sugar daddy.

Oct 19, 2004

Rocket Men

I have long found Stewie Griffin's version of the Elton John/Bernie Taupin song Rocket Man hysterical. But, thanks to Afshin, I just yesterday found out that his wacked-out routine is based on an even weirder version by William Shatner. Shatner performed his interpretation at the 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards. (Yeah, that would be the only place he could get away with it.)

Here are clips for your viewing pleasure:
Stewie version
Shatner version


I think I'll quote this morning's email from Alan verbatim:

Oh my f'ing god you have to check this out.

He's right.

Oct 18, 2004

I. Would. Kill.

If I were this girl, I would disembowel my boyfriend. (Looks NSFW, but it's fine.)

Crimes of (Pet) Fashion

Forgot to post this last week, but it's entertaining whenever you hear it. Was walking to work on Friday when I passed this man leaving his apartment building with a chihuahua on a leash. Not particularly butch, but not too horrendous-- except that the rat-dog was wearing a neon pink crocheted sweater. I chuckled quietly; a man sweeping the street burst out laughing. I figure the guy with the dog probably walked about a block before getting a sound ass-kicking. (Well, this is the Bronx.)

Oct 15, 2004


To set the record straight, as this is a conversation I've had numerous times lately, Sir Ben Kingsley is indeed of Indian descent. He was born Krishna Pandit Bhanji, in fact. So his casting in Ghandi makes significantly more sense. Just wanted to clarify.

Worry, Be Happy!

This is totally my life-- stressful, but cute. Another gem from Engrish.

Oct 14, 2004

All Things Bond

As I'm currently working my way through the whole series of James Bond novels, I'm a bit obsessed at the moment. Hell, in my dream last night I was putting handfuls of stolen diamonds into my purse. (Yeah, I just finished Diamonds Are Forever.) So I thought this site was pretty nifty if you have a hankering for some Bond-themed art.

Oct 13, 2004


These are two of the most entertaining clips I've ever seen. Really. Should they be taken down from the sites I've linked to, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Fucking with kids' shows is fun.

This one is technically awesome, not to mention rather cute. (No, it doesn't involve either cats or pandas.)

This one is less skillfully executed, but hilarious anyway.

More Motivation to Vote

If this doesn't get you out to vote, I don't know what will. (Thanks, Terence.)

Dissing the Dead

If the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act really was simply a redundant "feel good" bill, I'm not sure that it's vitally important that it wasn't passed. However, if someone objected to it based primarily on Reeve's support of stem-cell research (which the bill reportedly does not mention) and shot it down on that premise alone, it really is callous. And completely disrespectful so soon after Reeve's death. This article is a bit hyperbolic (and obviously partisan), but informative/infuriating nonetheless.

Oct 12, 2004


What is the world coming to when even Superman is dead? And all I can think of is that damn South Park episode where Christopher Reeve sucks the blood out of fetuses to gain strength. I feel like such a bitch.

Mean Drunk

No, this was not about me. Could have been, but it wasn't. Damn funny, though.

Oct 6, 2004


Am taking a brief leave of absence from the blog. In the midst of a slight medical emergency here. Total bedlam, but no worries.

Oct 4, 2004

More Sadness

Janet Leigh died today, which I find so sad. She always seemed like such a lovely person and was good actress to boot. At least she died more peacefully than her character in Psycho did.

I Have Been Vindicated!

I have long insisted that the sailboat (or, more precisely, the schooner) stereogram in Mallrats is not actually a picture of a boat, but something involving circles. Yeah, I actually tried to sort out the picture once while sitting inches away from the tv screen. And now I have more evidence to further my claim. According to IMDB:

The MagicEye "sailboat" picture is actually a 4x3 matrix of geometric shapes consisting of a cross, a circle, a diamond, a star, 4 segmented circles and 4 cones.

Oct 1, 2004

Another Obit

Photographer Richard Avedon just died. Pretty sad. I don't know much about Avedon, except that Fred Astaire's character in Funny Face was based on him. That alone makes me think kindly of him. May start perusing Avedon photographs in tribute.

Vintage iPods and GameBoys?

Always classic-- a charming gallery of vintage ads (for modern products) from Worth 1000.