Oct 21, 2004

Anti-Remake Tirade

Am really pissed off. They're remaking the 1939 classic, The Women. They're stuffing it full of random actresses like Sandra Bullock, Annette Bening, Uma Thurman, Meg Ryan, and Ashley Judd and are undoubtedly pc-ifying it. Goddamn them! Damn them all to hell! I love that movie and they're going to take it and fuck it up. Sure, it was rather misogynistic to begin with, but it was a product of its time. It's still damn funny, full of great dialogue and fantastic performances. And how do you ever replace Rosalind Russell? You don't.

Now I feel somewhere between cranky and furious. And the day had started out so well (see the Red Sox post). Thanks, Defamer, for ruining my day. Bah.

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