Nov 22, 2004

Dragons for Jesus

This is one of the most bizarre sites I've come across in a long, long time. And there are some weirdos out in the ether. But this guy takes the cake. He's a born-again shifter, i.e. a Christian who thinks he's a dragon. Personally, I think any number of his problems can be explained in this little excerpt from his diatribe about why he hates fantasy and role-playing games:

1. I hate FRPG's because the people who play them irritate me. Most FRPG players are little snobs that won't let truly intelligent people like myself join their games. And if I do join their game, their characters snub mine because they are different. I get my character killed off because I made the mistake of looking different. That's why I accuse FRPG's of teaching racism.

So, basically, he's too wacked-out for even the D&D crowd. (Thanks, BoingBoing.)

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