Nov 16, 2004

Taking on the Times

Hm. There seem to be several things of interest in the Times today. First, I should like to ask what sort of crack the military is smoking:

Months ago, the Army said some of the former soldiers would be needed to play the French horn, the clarinet, the euphonium, the saxophone and the electric bass as part of the military's bands, but the notion drew criticism from members of Congress who questioned the need to order people to give up their civilian lives to play instruments. Colonel Hart said the Army has since filled the musician jobs with volunteers.

When the Army is shortstaffed as is, they need musicians? Not the first jobs I'd fill if it were up to me.

In other Timesian news, I'm glad I forwent the free tickets and skipped Eve Ensler's The Good Body. It sounds like The Vagina Monologues for stomachs.

And, finally, it looks like I have yet another reason to blame my parents.

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