Mar 22, 2005

The Post in Which I Try (Unsuccessfully) to Analyze My Dreams

Incidentally, I keep having dreams that I'm a kid in an orphanage run by evil old ladies. Wtf? Unsurprisingly, I keep escaping. I wonder if this is supposed to signify anything, other than a hyperactive imagination. According to this site (which is probably not the most reputable way of deciphering dreams, but whatever):

If you appear as a child in an orphanage, the connectivity of your waking relationships is worth examining. Do you have a sense of belonging and rootedness in the world or a sense of trying to find your place?

But I rather feel like that's a crock, or at least doesn't apply to me, since I had parents in one of the dreams-- they lived in the orphanage, too, just in a different part.

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