Apr 28, 2005

Oh, the Dorkitude!

Just when you thought you'd seen it all (i.e. people getting married dressed as Star Wars characters, Star Wars fans camping outside the theatre for months, eagerly awaiting the third prequel, etc.), here's a gallery of Star Wars tattoos.

Apr 26, 2005

Pope Cliffy

The more I tootle around online, the more reassured I am to find that I was not alone in briefly thinking that Cliff Clavin had been made Pope. But John Ratzenberger is not the same person as Joseph Ratzinger, I quickly realized. Phew.

Reefer Madness

Now that I've watched the new Showtime musical version of Reefer Madness in both altered and normal states, I can definitively say that it is utterly hysterical. I'm a big fan of the musical number sung by "the stranger from the manger," Jesus, entitled "Listen to Jesus Jimmy." How often do you hear rhymes for stigmata? And rhyming Madonna (the Virgin, not the singer) with marijuana? Priceless. Here and here are some reviews, if you're interested.

Apr 25, 2005

ODing on Cuteness

In an attempt to put myself in a cheerier frame of mind, I've been looking at these ridiculously cute photos of animals all morning. Am all gushy about the precious little animals . . .

Apr 24, 2005

Bloomie's Windows

Hah! Hah! Have finally learned how to post images. So, on a rather belated topic, here are some photos from around Christmastime. Evidently the Phantom and Christine weren't alone in their little boat-- Bloomingdale's lighting guys were there, too.

Apr 21, 2005

How to Turn on Cookies

Mmm, tits. I mean, mmm, cookies.

Apr 20, 2005


In honor of the lovelies after whom my blog is named, here are a spate of pinups from decades past. If Vargas is your man, check out this page; for more variety, take a gander here. I particularly like some of Vargas' redheads. But that's not surprising.

As Time Goes By

I was just looking up an old entry when I realized that I've been blogging for over a year now. February 21, 2005 was this bitch's first birthday. Jesus, that year flew. (Possibly because each day drags into the next, so it's difficult to discern the sum total.)

Well, here's to me anyway. And a big stuck out tongue to everyone who said I'd lose interest in a couple of weeks.

Apr 19, 2005

It's Nice to Know I'm Not the Only Busted One Out There

I feel so much more normal after reading this article! I, too, have suffered from headaches for years (albeit not from one continuous 14-year-long headache), so this is a topic of great interest to me. So much that I immediately ordered her book, and am looking forward to finding out if she has any suggestions for dealing with incessant headaches.

Sorry if this post is boring, but consider yourself lucky if none of it applies to you.

Apr 18, 2005

Gnifty Gnomes

Let's start off the week well, shall we? Here are two posts about gnomes for your consideration; if you are a fan of garden gnomes, you will no doubt be delighted by this tale of one gnome's spring break. If, on the other hand, you detest the little buggers, you might prefer this story about how, in a pinch, gnomes come in handy as implements of destruction.

Apr 15, 2005

Barefoot (in public bathrooms) and Pregnant

In what is my first and, hopefully, my last post on the subject, is anyone else out there appalled that the white trash train wreck known as Britney Spears is procreating? Actually, I ammend that statement-- I may be forced to post again after the spawn has been born and is inevitably named some abomination like Fifi Cheeto Federline.

Apr 14, 2005

Religious Shamfoolery

This is a total sham. If you're going to choose to practice a certain religion, any religion, don't cheat. Don't just obey some of the rules and work around the others. So now taking Viagra during Passover is okay if you put it in a special Kosher coating because "the Viagra would not come into direct contact with the body?" Um, what do people think is going to happen when the Kosher coating dissolves? The Viagra is going to come in contact with the body. Just on the inside.

Apr 13, 2005

I Am Officially a Cracker

Jesus, I'm so white I'm translucent.

Dancing Dorks

Oh, how cute! MIT students built an LED disco floor in their dorm. Now just get them some dance lessons and they'll be all set.

I know, I know. I'm a condescending bitch.

Apr 12, 2005

An In-Depth Analysis of the Man Date

I cannot fathom that the idea of guys going out for friendly dinners or drinks is really article-worthy. Yet the Times disagrees, and has devoted an entire article to the admirable man who is secure enough in his masculinity to venture out into the big, bad world alone with another male and his thumb-sucking counterpart who can't quite manage to shake off the terrifying spectre of homosexuality in such encounters.

Do me a favor, Jennifer 8. Lee: Stop wasting your word count writing about some of the most backward-ass fucks on the planet.

Apr 11, 2005

Heads Up

My fledgling screenplay is currently taking precedence over my blog. I shall try not to completely slack, but posting may be spotty for the rest of the month. Just wanted to warn you, should you care.

HIV: Discuss

I meant to post these ages ago, since I thought that some of you who don't customarily (or ever) read Savage Love might find these columns interesting. Instead of concerning the customary questions Dan Savage fields (such as how-do-I-convince-my-girlfriend-to-dress-me-in-diapers-and-spank-me?), they tackle the much more serious problem of how to deal with HIV positive individuals who knowingly infect others. I think Savage has a very good idea, which involves making the knowing infector foot half the medical bills for the unknowing infectee. Personally, I'm in favor of prosecution, too. Here and here are some follow-up responses (the second link is more informative, if you don't want to bother reading both).

Apr 6, 2005

Get Well Soon, Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings has lung cancer. That's so upsetting. I grew up watching the avuncular anchor and always felt a certain fondness for him. I recently saw him on the news and said, "Wait, when did he get so old?" Poor Peter Jennings. I do hope he recovers.

Apr 5, 2005

The Post About Tribbles

I finally watched "The Trouble with Tribbles" yesterday. Hysfreakingterical. Loved watching Shatner get repeatedly pelted in the head with trilling furballs. I had, however, expected a bit more from the tribbles themselves. They looked like something the cat coughed up. Ah well. I guess that was the best they could do to stay within budget.

Apr 1, 2005

For That Elusive Hot Girl Stamp of Approval

This is pretty funny. Moreover, I could so do this job. I should hire myself out. I do similar things for my friends for free; why not get paid? I wonder if there's a corresponding service in New York . . .