Jul 28, 2005

Wookies for Jesus

The Jews for Jesus who periodically decide to bombard hapless commuters with flyers at the Lexington and 59th subway station are annoying. Upon this we can all agree. I have no problem with Jews. I have no problem with Jesus. I have no problem with Jews for Jesus. My problem is that I simply don't like running the gauntlet of flyer-pushers. This morning, though, where there would normally be a Jew for Jesus, there was instead a Wookie for Jesus. Yes, there was a man in a full Wookie costume, complete with a customized Wookies for Jesus t-shirt. I had to take a flyer; the guy deserves some kind of respect for wearing a faux fur costume and mask in the blisteringly hot bowels of the Lex and 59th station. Plus, he made me laugh. (Didn't convert me, though.)

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