Aug 31, 2005

Sounds Like a Handy Pet . . .

I think I need one of these, too. (First post.) Could be useful in emergency situations.

Aug 30, 2005

More Wacky Zombie Antics

Have returned from the vacation from hell. On a cheerier note, here are oodles and oodles of pictures of zombies. Much as I have a morbid fear of zombies (not real ones, just those in movies, and not even all of those), I'd love to go on a zombie walk. And I commend the use of red-splattered cauliflower as the requisite braaaains.

Aug 18, 2005


I've just been struggling to stay afloat this week, so let's hope that next week, my vacation, will be simultaneously productive and restful. Don't expect much from the ol' blog.

Aug 12, 2005

iPod + Subway Map = Genius

Thus making the iPod photo capability totally worthwhile: downloadable subway maps. Awesome. And most useful.

Aug 11, 2005

Maxwell and his Infamous Hammer

Though I'm not sure why, I've always been partial to the Beatles' song "Maxwell's Silver Hammer." Well, now there's an awesome animated video to go with it. Hm. Seems to be a good week for videos, huh?

Aug 9, 2005

Lucy in the Sky with Shatner

Someone overly-ambitious soul has taken it upon himself to create a video for William Shatner's legendary take on "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Thus I present for your questionable viewing pleasure, Lucy in the Sky with Shatner.

Aug 8, 2005

Watch Alan Cumming

Personally, I like Cumming the fragrance. It smells like whips and nipple clips and candle wax. Sorry, having a Reefer Madness moment. (Well, Alan Cumming was in it, after all.) Seriously, though, it does smell pervasively of leather and rubber. And I love that even Alan Cumming can't seem to take the name of his own cologne seriously.

Aug 5, 2005

Alpha-Mommy Dearest

I know this is an old article, but I only just got around to reading it. To think that Isabel Kallman believes she's figured out how to be an ideal mother is laughable. She seems to have learned two things:
1. To spoil her kid and
2. To delegate responsibility to a slew of hired caregivers.

I found the whole piece nauseating. Kallman is a manic, castrating control freak who seems to be in denial about the fact that she can't control her own son.

Aug 3, 2005

Tomato Lust

Oh god. Oh my god. Sooo many tomatoes. I am so craving a firm, juicy tomato right now.

Aug 2, 2005


Dreamses? Troopses? This is what happens when they let Gollum write subtitles. Okay, no, not really. But close.

Aug 1, 2005


Here's a handy guide to recognizing the signs of a blog-life crisis. Sounds rather familiar, especially in the meta-blogger sense.