Dec 12, 2005

For the Girly-Girls

And the guys who buy things for them. If you, a guy, want to impress her, a girl, with something thoughtful and tasteful, and are willing to spend some reasonable-to-hefty cash on it, I have just the thing for you. How do you know it's thoughtful and tasteful? Because I, a girl, have selected it. I have scoured the (virtual) sale racks at Anthropologie, and here are my top picks:

If she's the sparkly sundress type, she'll appreciate the Climbing Ivy Dress. I've had my eye on it since the summer. Maybe it will go on on super-clearance.

The Ptarmigan Cardigan is still rather expensive, but is lovely if she's all elegant and shit. Of course, if she's all elegant and shit, why's she dating you? Sucker. Your mom or grandmother would also probably love this sweater.

Another cozy choice is the Redwood Sweater, which looks awesomely comfortable, and comes in three colors.

This Link-Front Top seems flattering even if she's not rail-skinny, and is basic but has an interesting design twist that will make her think you're clever and appreciate things like detail.

Warning: Not from the sale list. Should you really want to impress her or, say, propose marriage or otherwise shell out a decent chunk o'change, go for this Flowering Obi Robe. Just gorgeous. And she'll think of you every time she puts it on, which equals one thing: lots of blowjobs.

Likewise, these Frozen Bough Earrings are similarly pricey. But they're festive without being too seasonal, and so delicate, and . . . Can you tell I'm hoping for a post-holiday sale?

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