Dec 15, 2005

Gifts for New Yorkers

Or transplanted New Yorkers, or even those with sufficient affection for the city to want a little piece of it in their homes.

This snowglobe boasts the cleanest snow you'll ever see in NYC. I love the litter, though. Nice authenticity.

Speaking of snow and other such things as you might not want to track into your apartment, you could use a doormat, right? This would surely tickle the fancy of Ninja Turtle fans, to boot.

Gotta love the classic design of the We Are Happy To Serve You Coffee Cup, used by delis, bodegas, and sidewalk coffee carts around the country. (Yeah, I know it's not exclusively a New York thing, but it seems it. It's a cute mug anyway.) Only this one is ceramic, so you don't have to ditch it after one use.

For the ultimate New York Christmas story, buy a copy of Eloise at Christmastime if, by some heinous oversight, you don't already own one. Believe you me, the girl who lives on the tippy-top floor of the Plaza knows how to do Christmas right.

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