Jan 30, 2006

Because Diamonds are Passé

Tell her she lights up your life (without saying anything nearly that sappy) with the Crystal Fuze Necklace.

How about some Champagne without the drunkenness? This necklace is just as bubbly.

If you can spare some big bucks, go for the awesome Swarovski Nepal Ring. (Incidentally, I think it can double as a weapon.) If that's out of your price range, try the glass Bling Ring.

For the geekettes (or those who love geeks), go for the surprisingly elegant Capacitor Necklace.

For another decidedly unusual choice, check out this Ruler Bracelet.

This is a personal favorite. Show her that she's yours and you're not letting go with a Handcuff Bracelet. (On the topic of handcuffs, keep this rule in mind: Handcuff bracelet=cute. Fuzzy handcuffs=overplayed.)

To spell it out, try one of these Definition Necklaces.

And, if you'd like to go a more traditional route (as in candy) without actually giving candy, the Chocolate Bon-Bon Necklace is an excellent and adorable option.

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