Feb 13, 2006

For the Traditionalists

Okay, okay. If you're determined to buy lingerie, go for something cute, 'right? Stay away from the trashy crap like the crotchless panties. Never a good look. That's right. Never.

You could go for this ruffly-ass little bustier and thong.

And yeah, the candy garter, suspender belt, bra, and undies are pretty funny. Personally, I'd keep it--well, I was going to say classy, but I don't suppose that's an applicable term--kitschy as opposed to trashy and stick to just the garter. Maybe the suspender belt. But that's it. And certainly not the banana hammock.

And, based on my personal preferences, I'd have to say that you can't go wrong with ruffled undies such as these, or these, or these. Yeah, the last one is rather unusual, but pretty.

By the way, there's a reason that I haven't suggested any sort of men's underwear in this list: they're never sexy and guys almost never enjoy being given underwear. If you think you've found an awesome pair of boxers or something, go ahead and buy them. Be my guest. You may be right. Most people, however, will be wrong.

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