Mar 31, 2006

Rich (Cuff) Stuff

These round and square cufflinks are pretty cool, yo. They remind me of the rich stuff that the Goonies found-- remember, Mikey filled his marble pouch with just this sort of jewel-toned glass. Ah, Mikey, you little scamp. Whoda thunk you'd go from hunting treasure to helping Master Frodo throw it into the fires of Mordor?

Like a Lawn for Your Front Stoop

It would feel more properly like spring if all the bloody rain would stop. Since there's no end in sight, maybe I should invest in one of these adorable daisy grass mats.

Mar 29, 2006

Back in the Kitchen

I know it's sorta silly, but I can't help but like this mermaid bottle opener (the translucent, iridescent redhead, not the glommy opaque blonde). It's niftier in person than in the photo, I promise. Still, it seems a bit extravagant to spend $20 (and to take up that much space) with a mere bottle opener.

Picture This

I gots to gets me one of these awesome photo bracelets. They come in three styles--the Chelsea, the Brooklyn, and the Soho--each of which comes in several colors. What an ingenious, non-clunky, non-cutesy way to wear your photos!

Mar 28, 2006

À la Cuisine

There has been some crazy shit up in this piece, yo. Majorly busy. Anyway, now that it's my second day at the new job, I can evidently chillax for a few and resume posting.

So, lately I've stumbled across a variety of things that would make for a totally awesome kitchen. On the functional chandelier front, here are a fantastic pot rack and wine glass holder.

For fun and games with your spices, get a nifty spice ferris wheel.

Okay, this one is less decorative (and not kitchen-exclusive), but completely, marvelously useful: a rotating outlet.

And, for in your cabinets, I love these mason jar drinking mugs. They also make excellent gifts if you make a spice blend, hot chocolate mix, or other such creation, package it in said multipurpose jar/mug, tie a ribbon on the handle, and voilà! (I know, how Martha of me.)

Mar 15, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posts; there's a lot of shit going on right now. Death, relocation, and more plane trips than I can remember. On a positive note, I got a job! Regular posting should resume by approximately March 27th.

Mar 2, 2006

The Dot and the Line

For anyone who hasn't seen it before, The Dot and the Line is one of the most awesome animated shorts ever. The book on which it's based is great, too. Deceptively simply, exceedingly witty.

Mar 1, 2006


Okay, this bathtub loveseat doesn't look terribly comfortable. But it would be perfect for giving your apartment that boho Breakfast at Tiffany's vibe. (Thanks, Cribcandy.)