Mar 28, 2006

À la Cuisine

There has been some crazy shit up in this piece, yo. Majorly busy. Anyway, now that it's my second day at the new job, I can evidently chillax for a few and resume posting.

So, lately I've stumbled across a variety of things that would make for a totally awesome kitchen. On the functional chandelier front, here are a fantastic pot rack and wine glass holder.

For fun and games with your spices, get a nifty spice ferris wheel.

Okay, this one is less decorative (and not kitchen-exclusive), but completely, marvelously useful: a rotating outlet.

And, for in your cabinets, I love these mason jar drinking mugs. They also make excellent gifts if you make a spice blend, hot chocolate mix, or other such creation, package it in said multipurpose jar/mug, tie a ribbon on the handle, and voilà! (I know, how Martha of me.)

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