Apr 27, 2006

Light=Good. Candlewax=Bad.

Meant to mention these splash lights before, but got sidetracked. They seem like an awesome idea if you want some nice atmosphere in your pool (Ha! Don't I wish.) or your bathtub. And, as someone who has done the whole candles-on-the-edge-of-the-tub thing, which subsequently resulted in candlewax on the edge of the tub, I could definitely use a nonmessy yet decorative alternative light source.

Apr 26, 2006

Fugging Brilliant

At first I thought that the chicken soup was the highlight of my day. (It was the first solid food—other than Saltines—that I've eaten in days, as I'm getting over some wretched stomach virus.) But then I read this, and my day got even brighter.

Career Trajectory

Ah, how my career path has changed. Illustration 1: Excerpt from an earlier IM conversation:

Me: i can get packages, the whole copy desk is getting a bonus for working on an extra edition that we just did, i can take cabs on late nights and get them expensed, they'll pay for dinner if we have to stay late . . .
Me: it's like a real job!
Me: except, of course, that i'm editing articles about pwning n00bs in WOW
Matt: lol

What the World Needs Now...

Is chicken suits, sweet chicken suits. Now, if you were to ask me, I would say that clothing for chicken ranks low on the list of absolute necessities. But what do I know? I'm neither one of the Chinese investors nor Austrian inventors-cum-designers-cum-nutjobs that decided the world needed just such a thing. It came to them in a dream, it seems... Jeebus.

Apr 21, 2006

Castles in the Kitchen

I don't know why I'm on such a kitchen jag, but I seem to keep finding stuff that is cool and kitchen-related. My most recent discovery is this cute sandcastle Bundt cake pan, which was brought to my attention through the rather unconventional means of snail mail. (Yes, I get the Williams-Sonoma catalogue. No, I can't afford the products in it.) Just thought that it would be kinda cool to make a sandcastle-shaped cake for maybe a Fourth of July party or something. Not that I'm planning one.

Apr 20, 2006

Overheard Kerfuffle

Hm. It seems that there has been some kind of ouster at Overheard in New York. Former coeditor Michael Malice has departed and has since started a new (nearly identical) site called New York Overheard. Details are evidently forthcoming, but it doesn't sound pleasant. On the plus side, Malice will soon be launching Overheard at College, which should be a treasure trove of future goodies.

Apr 19, 2006

Little Things

Sometimes it doesn't take much to excite me. Case in point: these nifty "on the rocks" ice cube trays. $2.99 for a three-pack. Simple, really, but cool. (Literally--hah! I'm such a wit.)

Apr 18, 2006

Holy Blinging Lara Croft

Forgot to mention this before. I stumbled across one of the gaudiest (and rarest) gaming consoles ever. Some lucky(?) schmuck in Germany will win a crystal-encrusted XBox 360 as part of a Tomb Raider: Legends promo.

Apr 17, 2006


Oooh, I wish I'd gotten one of these jammies for Easter; I bet they don't ship well, though. I bet they'd look awesome painted, too.

Apr 12, 2006


This video of assorted clips of Japanese(?) Rube Goldberg machines is nuts. Nuts, man. Some of the contraptions are unbelievable. (And the song's quite catchy, too.)

PSA, Pirate-Style

So there's going to be a pirate party at Swarthmore. Nice, but no biggie. Here's the cool part: They're soliciting pirate-themed music videos. The Pirate Video Remix Contest ends April 21st, so get cracking, mateys.

Apr 11, 2006

Sweet as Shirley Temple Pudding

In case I haven't mentioned this before, I fucking love Veronica Mars. And Kristen Bell is so much more adorable in action than she is in photos. (Case in point: the not-so-hot Maxim spread.) However, she rocks as Veronica, was hysterical as Mary Lane in Reefer Madness, and may make the upcoming Pulse bearable.

Pulse (or Kairo), the original Japanese film by Kiyoshi Kurasawa came out--to a very limited US distribution--in 2001 and was awesome; it's now being remade. Let's hope they don't ruin it. Hopefully, Kristen Bell can work her little pixie magic on it. That twinkly minx.

Apr 7, 2006

Get Your Jamba On

Yay! Jamba Juice has introduced four new flavors. Thus far, I've had the Mega Mango, which is indeed mangoriffic. But the best part is that (in the San Francisco area, at least), they're giving away cards so that, if you buy four smoothies in the new flavors, you get the fifth free. Screw solid food, yo. Liquid lunches from now on!

Apr 5, 2006

Busy Bunnies

The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Troupe has been busy, I must say. If you haven't checked out their library in a while, give it a look. The Brokeback Mountain reenactment is great, though I think my favorite is still The Shining.

Apr 3, 2006

Let There be Light(s)

Why is it so easy to find lighting fixtures that I want? Seriously, at one point in my life I had more lights than surfaces on which to display them. It's hard not to get carried away, innit?

New(ish) from Chiasso, here are two cool lighting fixtures: the sparkle table lamp and the agave lamp.

Holy Trompe l'Oeil, Batman!

These chalk sidewalk designs kick ass. Totally. Especially the last one.