Jul 21, 2006

CTY Represent!

As soon as I read the words Mandatory Fun, I knew Meghan O'Rourke's article was about CTY. Despite the whole "nerd camp" stigma, CTY was an awesome experience or, rather, two awesome experiences, as I attended two summers in a row. I think, if it's still around, I want to send my kids there. Though it was pretty regimented (O'Rourke's not kidding when she calls it Mandatory Fun), it was both intellectually and socially stimulating. During my time at CTY in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, I caught tons of fireflies, got a crash course in living with a roommate, participated in a horribly awkward flirtation, and wrote much of an impractical film script. (I also began to explore the challenging world of bare midriffs.) Dear lord, I hope my children aren't as socially awkward as I was.

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