Aug 31, 2006

Hit (and Hit, Hit, and Keep Hitting) and Run

In case anyone hasn't heard, some nutjob went on a rampage through San Francisco on Tuesday, hitting 19 people with his SUV. (Amazingly, there was only one fatality.) So bizarre. I'm fine, of course. I had the day off, in fact, so I could go to the doctor. Freaky shit going on in this sick, sad world.

Aug 28, 2006

Waiter, There's a Girl on My Plate

Nice. I love this retro pinup–themed tableware. Check out the Dirty Dishes collection, which would look pretty cute accompanied by the Girl Glasses (yeah pole dancing!).

Also, take a peeky peek at the adorable Hula collection. Perfect for your next luau. Or if you're trying to turn your home into a tiki bar. Which is, of course, a noble goal.

Crunchy But Clean

I know this sounds highly crunchy, but I've been interested in trying some environmentally friendly cleaning products. No, it's not because I live in Berkeley; it's because I keep using Clorox Clean-Up in the bathtub and getting all light-headed. Plus my hands wind up smelling like bleach. No good. But I tried some fruity Method shower spray once before and it did fuck-all (other than smell lovely). Fortunately, the folks at Green Home Living performed some tests, resulting in the handy dandy article "Which Eco Cleansers Work?". So, as soon as this last bottle of brain-melting Clorox is empty, I know where to turn.

Aug 27, 2006

Retro Betterness

Oooh! Stop Staring, the manufacturer of the previously mentioned dresses has a website, which has so many awesome vintage reproduction dresses...I'm overwhelmed. And they're significantly cheaper, too. I could get more than one without breaking the bank. Oh, so many choices, so little money!

Aug 25, 2006

Retro Goodness

Ooh, I just stumbled across the cutest vintage-inspired dresses. A bunch of them are really adorable. Here are a handful: the honey dear dress, the jackie dress, the annabelle dress, the bombshell dress, and the most amusingly named of the bunch, the tipsy housewife dress. Perhaps one or two would make a good reward for when I lose that pesky weight.

Aug 24, 2006

DIY Naptime

Who doesn't need a power nap every once in a while? Personally, I'm in favor of daily siestas. This gizmo might just help fulfill your napping needs.

Aug 23, 2006

Dark and Dorky

Oh dearie me. The Look Book Goes to Ozzfest and meets some of the freaky-freaks. My favorite is Sky Claudette Soto, who writes bad poetry and reads it in "a very old-fashioned accent." Pretentious twit.

Aug 21, 2006

Coming to a Theatarr Nearr You

Pretty arrrsome, I must say. There be a pirate film festival in Berkeley in Septembarr and Octobarr. Count me in.

Aug 18, 2006

On Wings of Light

For all the world, I thought I had already posted about this, but I guess not. My point, however, is that Tord Boontje's gorgeous Icarus pendant light is available for sale in the U.S. And it's actually affordable! I know what I want for my birthday. (You can also get it on Amazon, which is handy if you have a gift certificate or whatnot. Otherwise the price is about the same.)

Aug 17, 2006

Snakes on the Motherfuckin' Daily Show

This has to be one of the best Daily Show interviews ever. You know, Samuel L. Jackson may star in every bloody movie that's made these days, but he remains entertaining. Especially in his appraisal of the best. clip. ever.

Aug 16, 2006

No Fat Chicks

Hm. Perhaps someone should have told the folks at Details that, even if you're trying to be really complimentary, chicks don't like to be called fat. Or "plate-scrapers." Read the astonishingly tactless article and be sure to check out the accompanying (incomprehensibly uneven—Miss Piggy, Blair from The Facts of Life, and Kristin Davis?) slideshow.

Then read this Salon article, which dissects the aforementioned Details piece quite admirably. And asks the vital question, "Why is there a pig in heels?"

Aug 15, 2006

Cool Blacklight Tattoos

Admittedly, I'm not certain about the potential health risks involved, but these blacklight tattoos are awesome. Especially the skeleton design on the guy's arm. It's a good thing I didn't know about these (or they weren't being done) when I was in high school—what with my living in the equivalent of a rave, I surely would have gotten one.

Oh, to explain the rave comment: My bedroom contained not only a blacklight and the requisite blacklight paraphernalia (poster, ceiling stars, candles, wall hanging, etc.), but I also had a motorized disco ball, a laser light thingy, a flashing neon dolphin, a strobe light, a lava lamp, two rainbowy light jimjams, and an assortment of other electricity-sucking shiny things that rather defied description.

Washington as You've Never Seen Him

I'm not even sure how to preface this. Don't drink anything while watching it. And pity the poor British children. (Thanks, Christophe.)

Aug 14, 2006


Yo, next time I need some coat hooks, I apparently have some pretty nifty, quirky options. I love the old-school barroom/pub feel of these, but these may be more widely applicable in our newfangled technomalogical world full of cursors and clickers and pointers and the swirling beach ball of death.

Aug 10, 2006

Bowled Over

Now, I know nothing about Janice Dickinson except that she's got more plastic in her than Barbie and she occasionally does rather stupid things that are then distributed throughout that series of tubes known as the internet. But, even with that slim amount of background knowledge, I cracked the fuck up at this clip.

Disturbing, Distressing, and Douchebaggy

Whoa. This is an extremely well written, exceedingly disturbing L.A. Times article about Girls with Low Self-Esteem, er, Girls Gone Wild founding douche Joe Francis. I've always found the whole Girls Gone Wild phenomenon kind of upsetting. It's not the porn aspect. Part of what bothers me is that it exploits young/drunk/stupid/vulnerable girls (who, admittedly, should know better), but, more than that, the whole franchise seems to devalue so many things. Not only does it devalue the girls (who evidently believe that getting naked on camera is a fair trade for a t-shirt or hat), but it also devalues legitimate porn actresses. (Inasmuch as porn actresses can be legitimate.) Plus, one of the tenets of Girls Gone Wild seems to be that many girls can be convinced to do anything when intoxicated enough; much of the porn industry has been trying to avoid that very image of drunk and/or drugged participants. It seems highly inappropriate (not to mention creepy) that Joe Francis is getting rich by persuading drunken amateurs to take off their clothes.

Aug 9, 2006

Through Rose-Colored Glasses

If you really want to rock the Lolita look, forget plaid schoolgirl skirts and Mary Janes. Go for the sunglasses.

Aug 7, 2006

Merman Reacharound

Warning: Totally NSFW. Unless, of course, you happen to work at my office, which is where a coworker first introduced me to this unforgettable merman reacharound tattoo. At first you think, "Hm. That's strange." Then you notice the background and think, "Ew. That's kind of gross, albeit in a picturesque way." Then you realize that a) that's not a fish on the front merman's lap, that's his cock and b) you can see an itty bit of the back merman's balls. Which means that you know where his penis is. And the whole thing gets rather disturbing.

I mean, did this artist have no clue at all about merman anatomy? It all looks very incorrect to me.

Aug 5, 2006

In My Defense...

I've recently been accused of failing to say anything interesting on my blog. That may be true. Sometimes even I am bored by the shallowness of my posts. Here's the deal, though: I'd rather say something definitive about insignificant matters than give short shrift to really important issues. For instance...

Israel and Lebanon? Not good.

Floyd Landis and the doping charges? Eh, not so sure how I feel about that.

Mel Gibson? Big fucking shock there. (Though I didn't expect the "sugar tits" line.)

The real world and its real issues just aren't any fun. That doesn't mean that I'll never post about them. I guess it just means that not only does the topic have to grab my interest, but I also have to feel that I have something to say about it. Bah. Now I'm all somber. The real world makes me an unhappy bunny.

Aug 4, 2006

Mals de TĂȘte de Mort

Yeah, I know that once the Times has covered a trend, it's officially ubiquitous (and probably on its way out), but I'm not out of my skull phase yet. Well, I only recently entered it. (I blame my undying affection for The Goonies.) Anyway, I think these rhinestone skull earrings are awesome. And they'd match one of my shirts perfectly....

Aug 3, 2006

Motorcycle Mania

I keep meaning to mention this, but I repeatedly forget. So every few days, on my way to work I pass a block where there are--literally--at least 20 motorcycles and Vespas parked in a row. It's the strangest thing to see a shitload of motorcycles plonked in the midst of San Francisco's financial district. My favorite (and I know this makes me sound revoltingly girly) is an opalescent white Vespa. It's just so erection-inducingly sleek and sexy.

Aug 2, 2006

Loco for LocoRoco

Okay, this is pretty much the only reason I want a PSP: LocoRoco. How freaking cute is it?

Aug 1, 2006

Mmm, Floor Ethanol

Some people and their fucking lawsuits. Seriously, this sounds like another one of Homer Simpson's unsuccessful get-rich-quick schemes.