Aug 15, 2006

Cool Blacklight Tattoos

Admittedly, I'm not certain about the potential health risks involved, but these blacklight tattoos are awesome. Especially the skeleton design on the guy's arm. It's a good thing I didn't know about these (or they weren't being done) when I was in high school—what with my living in the equivalent of a rave, I surely would have gotten one.

Oh, to explain the rave comment: My bedroom contained not only a blacklight and the requisite blacklight paraphernalia (poster, ceiling stars, candles, wall hanging, etc.), but I also had a motorized disco ball, a laser light thingy, a flashing neon dolphin, a strobe light, a lava lamp, two rainbowy light jimjams, and an assortment of other electricity-sucking shiny things that rather defied description.

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