Aug 23, 2006

Dark and Dorky

Oh dearie me. The Look Book Goes to Ozzfest and meets some of the freaky-freaks. My favorite is Sky Claudette Soto, who writes bad poetry and reads it in "a very old-fashioned accent." Pretentious twit.


Anonymous said...

i actually saw her real site well me and my girl did & what she is really all about Sky Claudette Soto is actually pretty damn awesome and really fucking hot and talented.

here is the proof i just googled her name and here is what i got,if you ask me it's pretty damn catty to rant on someone you don't even know personally
in a mean way

Damon and Sherry
we are in love with Sky Claudette

Anonymous said...

Personally I think it's stupid to talk about someone you don't know either just because they are in magazines and your not !

I just went to the link posted by Damon and Sherry and they are right Sky Claudette is sexy,talented and I just became an overnight fan after seeing what she is really all about.

and don't ever want to frequent your blog again cause it's a blog of lies I am dissapointed with your page.

I am glad someone finally posted the truth on here it's about time !


Anonymous said...

just found a new site on Sky Claudette ,omg
it is off the hook I am drooling ,talk about ,Hot,Hot Hotness
here it is amazingly talented and sexy she is !

Sincerly,Johnny Randall