Aug 10, 2006

Disturbing, Distressing, and Douchebaggy

Whoa. This is an extremely well written, exceedingly disturbing L.A. Times article about Girls with Low Self-Esteem, er, Girls Gone Wild founding douche Joe Francis. I've always found the whole Girls Gone Wild phenomenon kind of upsetting. It's not the porn aspect. Part of what bothers me is that it exploits young/drunk/stupid/vulnerable girls (who, admittedly, should know better), but, more than that, the whole franchise seems to devalue so many things. Not only does it devalue the girls (who evidently believe that getting naked on camera is a fair trade for a t-shirt or hat), but it also devalues legitimate porn actresses. (Inasmuch as porn actresses can be legitimate.) Plus, one of the tenets of Girls Gone Wild seems to be that many girls can be convinced to do anything when intoxicated enough; much of the porn industry has been trying to avoid that very image of drunk and/or drugged participants. It seems highly inappropriate (not to mention creepy) that Joe Francis is getting rich by persuading drunken amateurs to take off their clothes.

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