Aug 5, 2006

In My Defense...

I've recently been accused of failing to say anything interesting on my blog. That may be true. Sometimes even I am bored by the shallowness of my posts. Here's the deal, though: I'd rather say something definitive about insignificant matters than give short shrift to really important issues. For instance...

Israel and Lebanon? Not good.

Floyd Landis and the doping charges? Eh, not so sure how I feel about that.

Mel Gibson? Big fucking shock there. (Though I didn't expect the "sugar tits" line.)

The real world and its real issues just aren't any fun. That doesn't mean that I'll never post about them. I guess it just means that not only does the topic have to grab my interest, but I also have to feel that I have something to say about it. Bah. Now I'm all somber. The real world makes me an unhappy bunny.

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