Sep 19, 2006

So Over the Rainbow

These Roy G. Biv shoes are adorable. And on sale! But not on enough of a sale for me.

Hm. The Roy G. Biv thing has always seemed slightly foreign to me. I heard about it late in the game; apparently I went to a developmentally retarded elementary school until we moved when I was in third grade. (You know that bubble-blower necklace craze of the late '80s/early '90s? It hit my old school when I was in fifth grade. We totally had the bubble-blower necklace thing by fourth grade in my new school.) We hadn't covered the whole Roy G. Biv acronym in my old school, but all the kiddies in the new school seemed to know about it. Smug bastards. Whatever. I knew the colors of the rainbow anyway, without having to memorize some stupid acronym about some schmuck named Roy.

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