Sep 18, 2006

When Fashion Attacks

I always try to keep abreast of current fashion; I don't often follow them (High-waisted pants on a short-waisted girl? Uggs with sundresses in July? Leggings? No thank you.), but I like knowing what the trends are. So I finally got around to catching up on the Fashion Week goings-on (covered quite thoroughly in New York magazine), which I found generally lackluster. In my opinion, the collections were overall dull and featured few standouts. Well, few standouts of the good variety.

The Rodarte collection was spectacular in its complete disregard for the female form. After clicking through the slideshow pics, I was struck by the thought that the designer must truly hate women to truss them up in such unattractive, constricting, unflattering garments (most of which violated what should be, if it isn't already, a cardinal rule of fashion: Clothes should be worn; they should not wear you). If these monstrosities are supposed to be some sort of sculpturual works of art, fine. Hang them in the MoMA; don't foist them onto hapless models.

Amazingly enough, the Rodarte line is created by two sisters and, as their website demonstrates, isn't chock-full of the heinous creations they displayed at Fashion Week. I do hope it was some sort of drug- or head injury–induced aberration.

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