Nov 21, 2006

Lactivists, misinformation, earmuffs. In that order.

This is infuriating as all hell; I thought we'd resolved the whole breastfeeding-in-public kerfuffle about 15 years ago. No? Well, peeps, get over it. It's a boob.

This, on the other hand, is more than infuriating. It's downright alarming. When I read about reactionaries like Eric Keroack—and discover that he's been put in charge of the U.S.'s family planning program—it frustrates me so much I want to cry. How horrifying that he's now in a position of power from which he can better spread his misinformation.

And, so that you're not thoroughly depressed after reading the aforementioned two articles, take a gander at these redonkulous Katamari earmuffs.

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