Dec 4, 2006

And an X-Wing in a Pear Tree

Okay, how'd you like a little Star Wars action to kick off The Pinup's 2006 Holiday Gift Guide? I'm kinda down with the themes this year, and this one's good for kids, fanboys (and -girls), and, generally, most boy-types. Do the sensible thing and pretend the prequels never happened. Instead, pick up these excellent editions of the original trilogy, each of which includes both the original release and the tarted-up (fine, remastered) 2004 version.

To enhance the Star Wars experience, consider giving one of these funny yet fashionable tees: the ubiquitous Dark Side of the Garden or the lesser-known Boo Boo Walker. More for the kiddies is the Yoda backpack, which would also make a great substitute stocking.

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