Dec 12, 2006

Merry Boozemas!

If you plan on having a party this holiday season, you might take a look at this wine-related accessory sets of a silver bottle stopper, bottle cover, and wine glass charms. Personally, I think it'd be overkill to buy all of them (too matchy-matchy), but I think the bottle stopper alone would be cool. Not to mention vaguely reminiscent of a popping Champagne bottle.

Just as entertainingly useless is the DollyPop bottle cover. I'm not sure where you can buy it and, quite frankly, I wouldn't recommend it. I don't need a sheepskin to cover my wine bottle, thank you. However, I think it looks nifty and is a great way to cover up a less-than-attractive bottle. So go the crafty DIY route: Buy a cheap wine bag (or fabric if you're particularly handy and want to whip one up yourself) and a feather boa. Swirl the boa around the bag and baste it in place. I'd also suggest scrounging around a hardware store for some sort of rubber/plastic piece to put at the top of the bag to stop drips and avoid staining your decorative new wine bag.

While we're on the topic of wine, allow me to plug this Pewter Octopus Wine Aerator. If you're the sort of person who actually decants your wine, you might find this useful. I don't. Decant, I mean. So it would be of no use to me. Yet I can appreciate the concept, and I think it's generally interesting-looking. Weird, yet strangely elegant.

I know they're a bit blingy, but these sparkle cocktail glasses are fun and festive. And remind me of a pair of Champagne flutes I once customized. Good for your girlfriend who's single and fabulous.

On the other hand, this flask-in-a-Bible is good for humor and Simpsons-related value only. Mmm, sacrelicious.

Lest you think I'm forgetting the most important component of Boozemas (i.e., the booze), I present this trio of Glenrothes Scotch whiskies. Excellent brand, usually rather expensive, totally worth getting for the lush you love.

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