Dec 15, 2006

Oh So Write

Even if it's just an occasional postcard and the rent check, everyone writes. Of course, some of us enjoy writing more than others. Some of us still hold our pens wrong and therefore particularly appreciate comfy writing implements. Some of us absolutely need a pen on us at all times, just in case we should have Very Important Thoughts and have to make some impromptu Very Important Lists.

Needless to say, pens can make great presents. (Okay, I know some of you just tuned me out. Bear with me, though.) Anyone who's all about technologically advanced gizmos (or even just elegant design) will appreciate a Fisher Space Pen. Astronauts use them 'cause they can write in space. They're amazing. Seriously, I once wrote on a wet glass with a Space Pen. That rocks. Both the chrome bullet and the matte black bullet (sort of the Darth Vader of Space Pens) are as sleek and sexy as a pen can get. Incidentally, make sure you buy the version that comes with a detachable clip. The pens aren't quite as simplistically stunning with the clips attached, but get used to losing them if you don't. They're slippery little buggers. (As Afshin—now on his fifth Space Pen—can attest.)

Though they're not as technomalogically forward as the Space Pens, Sensa pens are great. I have a light amethyst one that I've been using since...middle school, actually. Damn. Admittedly, I have replaced the ink refill, but that's to be expected. Not only are they attractive, well-made pens (that are available in an array of colors), but they're exceptionally comfortable. There's a little squishy gel bit around the barrel that makes writing so much less painful if you a) hold your pen incorrectly or b) have to write for an extended period of time. I'm not sure precisely what the difference is between these two types of Sensas, but this is the less expensive Cloud 9 range and this is the rather more expensive Stylist range. If you really want to splash out, go for the gold-plated, platinum-plated, or titanium models.

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