Dec 6, 2006

Practical Presents

Practicality isn't always exciting, but sometimes it's greatly appreciated when given in gift form.
I know I pimped the PowerSquid last year (and I've since bought one, so I stand by that suggestion), so, in a similar vein, here's the (stupidly named) LaCie Huby, a betentacled USB and FireWire hub. Again, a practical solution for when you've got wires coming from every which direction.

Let's face it: Everyone must, at least occasionally, bust some dust. But DustBusters and Dirt Devils have always been, at best, inoffensive, at worst, ugly. Until the advent of the Karim Rashid–designed Dirt Devil Kone. It's sleek, stylish, and functional—and the white one even glows!

Since it's almost 2007, it's about time to get a new calendar. Or two—I use a mini wall calendar at work (though a desk calendar would be just fine, too) and a large wall calendar at home. If you, too, are into the pinups, take a gander at the mini and maxi versions of a 2007 Gil Elvgren calendar. I'm also partial to this Anne Taintor calendar.

Another solid option (well, for me, anyway) is a sewing machine. I'd love to be able to repair fallen hems and torn seams in about a quarter of the time it takes to stitch them by hand. Not to mention that I'd finally be able to take on some of the larger, more complicated projects that I've been postponing. Target has machines starting at $50, but I'm not sure I'd trust just any old brand. Still, at $80, $85, and $90, you could get a Brother, Shark, or Singer, respectively.

Entirely unrelated to appliances but, in some circumstances, just as useful are these fingerless mittens. They're convertible fingerless gloves/mittens that are a godsend in cold weather. You can even type in them, which I've done before. I own several pair and would gladly stash a few more in a drawer, just in case. these are some less expensive options, but they're also less attractive, what with the bulky leather buttons.

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