Jan 25, 2007

Fat- and Calorie-Free Chocolate

No, I'm not advocating you chew on some chocolate-scented scratch 'n sniff stickers (which are probably the only chocolates out there that lack calories and fat). This is chocolate for your body. You could pick up an organic cocoa butter massage bar (if you're stingy) or spring for the zero-calorie chocolate body care gift basket (if you're slightly more flush).

Should you happen to be one of those freaks who doesn't like chocolate (what is wrong with such people?) but still want to get in on the sensual massage action, you could opt for one of these passion candles, which provide aromatherapy and can be used as massage oil (wax?) when melted.

Though this should be perfectly obvious, a massage must accompany any of these products. If you're not going to make good with the massage, don't give these gifts, which will surely be seen as a cruel tease.

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