Jan 29, 2007

Just Jewelry

See, I've found a lot of awesome jewelry online recently. And I've long thought, "Hm. Why don't I post some of these gorgeous little things in my Valentine's Day gift guide?" "Of course I must!" I replied to myself. But I've gotten a bit carried away and could probably continue unearthing treasures of the jewelry variety for quite some time. But then you wouldn't be able to order any in time for Valentine's Day. Hence I decided to give myself a kick in the pants and publish this post. So here it is.

You would get her a jewel the size of the moon if you could. (Or at least that's the line you're going to use on her.) But you cannot. So instead present her with a metal gem ring, which is funky, stylish, and suggestive of a horkin' huge stone without actually being a horkin' huge stone. (Or worse, a horkin' huge paste stone, which is just tacky.)

Pretty much anything from Tatty Devine would make a fabulous present. Faves include the great bear brooch, the spectacular dinosaur necklace (for something slightly lower-key, yet similarly themed, try the fishbone necklace), and the clever trapeze necklace. Perhaps the most V-Day appropriate choice would be the adorable horse and carriage necklace. So cute.

The Dick & Sassy line of jewelry is pretty nifty, too.

Also, for some truly unusual—but lovely—rings, check out Saya Hibino's collection. I rather fancy the (unfortunately named) Black Weave Ring.

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