Feb 22, 2007

The Best of the Worst (2007 Fashion Shows)

Every year I find some ghastly offerings for my viewing pleasure in New York magazine's fashion week(s) section; this year was no different. Here are just a few highlights:

From Giles Deacon:

Yeah, so when did flinging a sheepskin on a model become haute couture?

From Brian Reyes:

The clothes—not so bad. Ugly, but not a travesty. The dead beaver on the model's head—ew. Totally kicks it up a notch from ugly to fugly.

From Luca Luca:

Okay, in this case I don't suppose I can really blame the designers. The model looks otherworldly. And by otherworldly I don't mean ethereal. I mean unearthly. Alien. Yes. She looks like a freaking space alien. Honey, it's time to phone home. Your Martian parents are worried about you. And they wish you'd eat a little something.

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