Feb 9, 2007

For a Risqué Holiday

No. As I said last year, no fuzzy handcuffs or heart-print boxers. Still, you can go the slightly racy route without resorting to tack.

Want to make your intentions blatant? Go for the self-explanatory sleep/fuck eye mask.

For something marginally subtler (but likely more useful), choose one of these French lesson panties. (I know the site calls it a panty, but please—they're panties. You don't have a pant, you have pants. Some things are just meant to be plural.) If you really feel like splurging, get the whole set.

Something that I've always wanted and have never gotten around to buying for myself is a pair of marabou bedroom mules. 'Course I'm sure they'd look just fetching with my baggy pj pants or flannel nightie and long johns. (Well, sometimes I get cold. Shut up.)

Now, if you're really rolling in the dough, buy this obscenely expensive Gift of Burlesque set for your gal (or, if you are said gal, for yourself). Of course, you'd have to be comfortable enough to put the toybox to use...maybe a bottle or two of Champagne would help. Get some of that, too.

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