Mar 13, 2007


Me: hey, have you ever seen E.T.?
Afshin: yeah
Afshin: i can't remember much of it
Afshin: but i remember thinking i didn't really see the appeal
Afshin: the alien was dumb. the kid was an asshole
Afshin: the government was stupid
Me: you're a jerk.
Afshin: nazi.
Afshin: don't tell me when i have to feel "magic"
Afshin: and don't tell me that fucking roadkill "alien" was "cute"
Me: hey, i was E.T. for Halloween one year.
Me: i was adorable.
Me: my heart lit up, too.
Me: it was precious.

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zack said...

Additionally I meant to add that I think E.T. looks like some sort of geriatric Gollum.