Apr 2, 2007

£20,000 for That Face? Her?

There's something tragic about the story of Shahnaz Khan, a woman who has spent £20,000 on face lifts, peels, permanent makeup, the surgical construction of a dimple, etc., all in the hope of landing a wealthy husband. It would be weird but not nearly as pathetic if she said that she'd had all these surgeries for herself—most of us do some sort of sprucing up or other to please ourselves, be it dyeing hair, getting tattoos, or even just wearing certain clothes. But devoting a decade of your life and all of your money to completely overhauling your appearance specifically for the purpose of attracting a spouse is...well, degrading. Even sadder (and yes, I do feel rather bitchy writing this) is paying that much money for a face that's only moderately attractive. (And the tattooed eyebrows were definitely a mistake.)
Perhaps Khan wouldn't be a 41-year-old virgin baselessly pinning her hopes on a man she hadn't spoken to in 10 years (and has yet to go on a single date with) if she'd spend the last decade socializing and dating instead of spending all her time and money undergoing repeated cosmetic surgeries.

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