Apr 24, 2007

Not Your Usual Book Light

I just love the awesomely clever Book of Lights. Both versions just scream instant atmosphere. Wouldn't the desk lamp version be a cheeky yet appropriate note in a library or study? You know, the iconic gentleman's study with the mahogany desk, quilted leather chair, decanter of port, and bookshelves laden with embossed volumes and Oriental exotica. And likely an old British guy sitting in a smoking jacket and slippers, puffing on his pipe and recalling his youthful exploits in Indja with the regiment. And the streetlight version would look fantastic on a side table or shelf in an entryway or foyer. Oh, or they could work as night-lights in children's rooms. Am so glad that these are actually being produced for sale—I'd seen pictures of the desk lamp version previously, but thought it was a one-off. I think I may need one of these in my next apartment.

1 comment:

Lew said...

Interesting in a Victorian way. Maybe not so much something for a "Guy's Library."

Just an opinion.