Apr 30, 2007

Small and Envious (That's Me.)

Okay, there are too many serious and depressing things that I feel like I should comment on, so instead I'm opting for a more flippant post. Sure, call me shallow, but I'm fighting off a headache and am losing. Anyway, the 2007 Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest is currently going on over at Apartment Therapy and it's making me seriously jealous. See, I've got a small apartment and cool stuff...but nothing that coheres into a small, cool apartment. Because in this case size does matter. One studio, when filled with two people's stuff, does not look so hot. However, I can ogle an assortment of lovely apartments (and some total rubbish) and fantasize about entering next year's contest....

As I keep reminding myself, we're moving soon.

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