Jun 20, 2007

If I Could Turn Back Time...Oh, If Only!

Excuse me while I rub my temples and try to decide whether this is fabulously kitschy or sort of tragic. Probably a bit of both. I think I may need to own it. Anyway, brace yourself for the schlock and awe of '80s Cher Barbie.

Yeah, that's her infamous "If I Could Turn Back Time" ensemble. Which leads to my next point: Have you watched that video lately? Ever? Well, it's about time you do. Seriously. Go. Now. Watch.

After re-watching the video earlier today, I realized that I'd entirely forgotten (no, not Cher's assless...well, ass) that her son Elijah Blue plays guitar in the video. That must have been an experience, watching your mom hump cannons and gyrate in a glorified thong. Bet that one led to some great "your mom" jokes.

And, to further complete our journey into the bizarre, here's Meg Griffin's version from Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. (Anyone else think it sounds like Rachael MacFarlane singing? Intentionally crappily, natch.)

In conclusion, we now know what would happen if Cher could turn back time. She would be Barbie.

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