Jul 2, 2007

Lily Allen, Jessica Rabbit, and Blogmusik

Yeah, I know it's been out for a while, but I'm still rather taken with this Mark Ronson/Lily Allen collaboration. Lily Allen by way of Jessica Rabbit is pretty freaking awesome. See?

Speaking of Lily Allen, I recently realized that her music rocks. She's like a girly version of The Streets. However, as I don't currently own her album, I've been making do by listening to it here. It's a good system (the whole streaming audio on demand idea), but the content is a bit spotty. Still, it's a good idea and awfully useful when you want to listen to music that you haven't gotten around to buying yet. (Yes, I buy my music.)


Lew said...

Buy the CD.

It's the best reggae/ska/pop-ish collection of tracks since the English Beat broke out from the Specials.

The "clean" or normal versions aren't much off except for the F Bomb and a couple other cafeteria level slurs.

I have a just-about-to-be-a First Grader, and "Aunt Lily" is his absolute favorite.



pinup said...

Thanks to my lovely boyfriend, I am now the proud owner of Alright, Still.

Totally thrilled.