Jul 18, 2007

Simpsons Couture

You know, I really didn't think I was all that excited about the upcoming Simpsons movie, but I guess I am. I keep jonesing for more Simpsons goodness—I even stole a Squishee cup from a local 7-Eleven. (Well, I wanted the cup, but I didn't actually feel like drinking a Squishee. Besides, how could I save the cup if it were all sticky? Whatever. It's a paper cup. Don't judge me.)

Anyway, there's an adorable spread in Harper's Bazaar depicting the Simpsons on a whirlwind tour of the fashion houses of Paris (with Linda Evangelista as their guide). Very cute. Love Homer as Karl Lagerfeld. And Marge looks pretty hot, I must say. If you have no idea what's going on, here's a handy guide to reality vs. its Simpsonified counterpart.

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