Jul 31, 2007

Totally Daft

Chances are you've seen one or both of these videos before. If not, you need to watch them. The girl is god on a stick—she's just awesomely adorable and funky and talented. And she's not pulling the traditional sexpot routine, which is genuinely refreshing and makes her even cooler.

The hands...well, the video starts off slowly, but trust me—it gets better. Amazing even.

Oh, as a bonus, you can check out the slow version to see the chick's moves in slow-mo (a.k.a. real time).

Now I have the strange urge to own some Daft Punk. Huh.


Shar said...

The Daft Hands was pretty cool ... until the camera went out of focus and the person started messing up at the end.
The girl reminds me of my brother ... and at points how I was when I was much younger ... since my brother is this scrawny kid who knows how to pop-lock.
In fact, I might have to video him this weekend and compare [this song is one of his favs to dj with].

Shar said...

I totally forgot what I wanted to tell you when I came on here ... before the dancing girl distracted me.

The guys who run the Overheard websites are in the process of putting out two revised editions of Overheard in New York, and Overheard in the Office. I'll let you know if I get my hands on the advance copy [the editor and I are buds].

Lew said...

There's ten minutes of my life I won't get back.

Nobody should wear a knit cap when there are fully green leaves on trees. That's just weird. Weird as in the same ghetto guys I see in suburban-ish Detroit wearing Triple Fat Goose or whatever the hell that brand was a few years back on days when it's at least 75 degrees.

I'm all for fashion, but c'mon.

I'd dance with her though, if it came down to last call and they had the nerve to drop Daft Punk.