Aug 31, 2007

Fall(ing) Fashion

Ugh. I'm sick and can't even be properly miserable, as things are busy at work and I have to be there (and work long, long hours). Today I showed up in one of my least fashionable ensembles: jeans, Chuck Taylors, and a Rainbow Brite hoodie. Schlumpy, but comfy.

On the other end of the sartorial spectrum, Fall Fashion Week is about to begin. Let's kick off with a look at the Top Five Runway Falls. Hm. That must be the top five most recent runway falls, as the list omits Naomi Campbell's spectacular 1993 topple from those infamous Vivienne Westwood platforms.

And, for the pièce de résistance, watch the clip below for more model-falling hilarity.

Aug 29, 2007

The Ferocious Femmes of Joshua Petker

There's something gorgeous and feral about the paintings of Joshua Petker. I want one—or more—but I'm pretty sure they're out of my price range. (Via NOTCOT.)

Aug 27, 2007

In Soviet Russia, Blog Posts You!

How much more awesomeness can possibly be encapsulated in one image? The following image (courtesy of contains both a lolcatism (lolcatechism?) and a Russian reversal.

(Oh, and, if you don't know what the painting depicts, it's the 1917 murder of the Russian royal family by the Bolsheviks at Yekaterinburg.)

Aug 21, 2007

The New Guy

I have a bit of vacation coming up (entertaining visiting relatives), so posting shall be spotty or nonexistent for the rest of the week. For a good giggle, have a comic.

Aug 16, 2007

Jabba the Catt

I know it's been out since yesterday, but this has gotta be one of the funniest lolcats ever. And I'm impressed: Wookiee is spelled correctly. (Most people forget the second e.)

Aug 15, 2007

Where My Time Goes

Yeah, so I have no interest in this whole blogging thing at the moment. I've been totally consumed by two things:

1) The audiobook of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
2) Polyvore

Allow me to explain about Polyvore. It's a site where you essentially play dress-up with photos of actual clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories, some designer, some not. I figured it'd be a mild diversion; I was wrong. It's a total timesuck.

Thank god I haven't had any, you know, work to do.

Aug 14, 2007

The Wit and Wisdom of T-Pain

And just when I'd thought society was sadly lacking in a modern equivalent of Shakespeare, I discover T-Pain. I think I'm in love—no homo. Do yourself a vast favor and watch both clips. And have a draaaank handy.

Aug 10, 2007

I Only Have Eyelashes for You

Damn. I meant to mention these a week or two ago, but I forgot. These eyelash necklaces are totally nuts in a surreal, vaguely Dali-esque fashion, but are also pretty and delicate. Know what else they are? Totally DIYable. And think of all the nifty variations you could make by using different kinds of funky eyelashes. Ooh, project!

Aug 9, 2007

Starry Starry Nails

Oh, I am such a sucker for novelty beauty products. Hell, I bought the entire glow-in-the-blacklight line of Chanel makeup years ago and have been making it last ever since. Though I no longer have a blacklight in my, maybe I should do something about that so that I can wear the blacklight makeup again.

Okay, that's entirely beside the point. The point is that I want this nail polish. It's Le Magnetique by Lancôme, and here's why it's so cool: Apparently there's a magnet embedded in the bottom of the bottle. After applying the second coat of polish, you swipe the magnet over your nails and it makes a star-like design appear. Totally rad.

I only wish the polish came in a pale blue—then your nails really would look like star sapphires. And it would be awesome. But I'll take the burgundy, pretentiously called Bordeaux Esmee, without too many quibbles.

Aug 8, 2007

When the Paper is the Present

How sad is it that I'm getting all excited about wrapping paper? Not even a gift-type item, but the paper in which it may be wrapped. I know, I'm easily entertained, especially by shiny things. So next time you plan on giving me a present, could you please wrap it in one of these lovely chandelier-print papers?

Not Dirtty—Try Despicable

I'm sorry, but this is fucked up. First of all, doggy fashion is a bit retarded any way you look at it. Some ensembles are too ridiculous to not find endearing (e.g., the sequined lavender leg warmers I bought for my grandmother's poodle), but let's face it—dog outfits are just tiny travesties. Putting a grill (jesus, I can't even type the word without wanting to put air quotes around it—I hate those things) on a dog is horrendous. It's bad enough that most pit bulls have to wear muzzles; why blingify the muzzle and turn what should be a negative (the fact that your dog is required to be muzzled) and masquerade it as a positive attribute (your dog is all ferocious and ghetto-fabulous)? I don't like the glorification of violence (not to mention conspicuous consumption), and this is precisely what Dirtty Bones does. To dogs who, no matter how fierce, can't fight against horrid and demeaning wardrobe choices.

Aug 6, 2007

It Would Have Been Selfish to Ask for More

I love everything about this painting by Edwin Ushiro: It's striking, soulful, vaguely sad, and has a fantastically evocative title (It Would Have Been Selfish to Ask for More). It's probably for the best then that it's already been sold. 'Cause I would have been seriously tempted, yet I don't really have a spare $450. Maybe he'll sell prints—I live in hope.

Aug 3, 2007

Never Trust Robots

It's a good bit of advice, no? Thanks to Boing Boing, I just today discovered the video for the classic Andrew Thompson song, "We're in Business."

Aug 1, 2007

New from the Department of Ridiculous Accessories

Okay, these sequined-ball bracelets are ridiculous but sorta rad. The high-heeled flippers, though? Sheer retardation.